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2014-2015 FAQ's
This page is dedicated to answering the frequently asked questions. If you have a FAQ that you would like added please email Jason Koepke at j.koepke@hackensackschools.org
Clocking Out

We were given a 5 minute window. Staff has the permission to clock out 5 minutes before our contractual clock out time. However, NO ONE is to leave before the contractual clock out time without their administrators approval. The window was given to help with congestion around the time clock. No one gets to leave early. 


Personal Days

When taking a personal day please follow the following procedure: 

-Email Karen Lewis (5 days prior to the date of personal day) and state "I am requesting to take a personal day on (personal day date)" You do not have to state a reason

-Wait for a response from Mrs. Lewis

-Upon approval of the personal day go to AESOP/SAMS and fill out information to take a personal day

-For emergency personal days, go to AESOP/SAMS fill out information for a personal day and in the notes to the administrator explain the nature of the emergency personal day. It does not need to be in great detail but simply state the basis of the emergency. Take your emergency personal day.

For days during PARCC the superintendent, based on the contract, can deny personal days. This is not for all of PARCC testing but just the days that the test will occur in the high school. We are currently working on the issue of test dates changing and the time frames of testing. 


Extended sick leaves

Upon returning to work from an extended sick leave please send Joe Chiccelli an email stating the date that you will be returning to work and that a doctors note allowing your return will follow. If you have a note you may attach it to the email.



We are aware of smartboard issues and it has been brought to the attention of the Mr. Montesano and Mrs. Lewis. They are working on replacing broken/old smartboards. Please remember to turn them off when not in use. 

Signing Paperwork for students that you do not have in class

Historically, teachers used to be asked to sign off on paperwork regarding students they may not know and meetings they were not present at because a "general education" teacher signature was needed. This practice is frowned upon and illegal. 

Teachers evaluating other teachers

At NO TIME should teachers/paras evaluate teachers/paras.